Have you hired web designers that have designed you a web site and left you to it?

Your web site – Let’s keep it simpleWeb Site Design by Ivy Design Solutions Limited

Web Site Design by Ivy Design Solutions
Avoid the stress, start your web site journey with Ivy Design Solutions.

When I speak to clients after they have had their web site beautifully designed by us, one of the first things they compliment us on is the aftercare. There are a lot of web design experts out there who set up a web site, take their clients money and then end all contact.  Or worse (which really gets my back up), charge extortionate amounts for small changes to the site later on. This leaves clients angry, resentful and wishing they had opted to go elsewhere. Understandably.

A web site is an ever-evolving thing. It needs updating as technology and software naturally evolve over time, and to have its chance to be noticed.Web Site Design by Ivy Design Solutions Limited

A simple way to keep a web site current, dynamic and most importantly high ranking by Search engines, is to add a blog or news feed to yours site. This doesn’t have to be an arduous task. By simply keeping customers or readers up to date with your day to day or weekly news can mean that your site will be better represented on search engines. We can set up a website that you can update quickly and easily yourself, with full instruction on how to do so and ongoing support if you forget how. Alternatively we can update your web site for you with upfront and honest quotes for your webs site needs.

If you are ready to chat to us now or at a time that is convenient to you about what we can offer, complete the form below, and we will be in touch to arrange an informal chat to discuss how you want to show off your business or services with an impressive online presence.


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